Monday, August 27, 2007

Someone is listening to "The Four Seasons" somewhere...

Ah, "Shari, Shari baby"

Nevermind, you new-music listeners! That is what you call a classic (even if it is annoying).

Anywho, so I went swimming two days in a row this weekend. I haven't gone swimming all summer and then two parties involving pools came up, so I went swimming. I know, exciting. What is more exciting is that my brother broke the belly-flop king's reign by doing 7 flops in a row (I was the king by doing no more than 5 in a row. They do start to hurt after awhile). Other than that, it was a bunch of people swimming. The first party was my church's worship team picnic, and the second party was my youth group's last event for the summer. Oh, I pushed our church's main soundman fulling clothed into a pool. His son is in my youth group, so he was there for the one party. All day he looked a little to comfortable around the water, so when he threw my brother into the pool, I went behind him and pushed him in. It was no easy task. This guy could easily play a pro football lineman. So, in he went and everyone was laughing so bad. I better lie low for awhile. Word has it he has it in for me...

Work was sooooooo slow today. All the kid's have gone back to school, so basicly nobody came in. I maybe cleaned my dining room twice that whole day (normalling you have to clean it like 6 times.). That is slow. I was happy , but bored at the same time. It was weird.

Laura is in NYC right for college. GO LAURA! Break your head open on those books! Go insane!
Last Hurrah!!

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the glorified donut said...

i'm not a new music listener..much
but that four seasons sounds all too familiar
and yet not at all
anyway. i always go into your work when you're not there! ah, I hate my schedule! if i could drive i would definitely come see you every day at lunch. but i can't drive. so...